Crowd Control FencingCROWD CONTROL
Effective and inexpensive crowd control, especially useful during sporting events. Heavy-duty green polythylene twisted cord combines unobtrusive apperance with maximum strength. Crowd Control netting is bound on top with yellow vinyl-coated tape.
Available in 4’, 5’ or 6’ heights and lengths
up to 300’ 38 s.f/lb.

Quick Fence PhotoQUICK FENCE
Strong, heat-finished vinyl-coated polyester fencing is ideal for crowd control, course delineation and boundary marking. Screen printable by customer for event advertising and logos. Rolls of 46” x 150’. Black, Blue,
Green, Purple, Red, Yellow.
Other colors available on request. 27 lbs.

Fence All Knitted Fencing PhotoFENCE-ALL KNITTED FENCING
Will not rust, rot or mildew. Lightweight for easy handling and storage. Constructed of flexible, knitted UV-stabilized polyethylene.
Economical and reuseable.
Rolls of 46” x 150’.
Green, Orange, Red. 12 lbs.

Courtmaster Fabric Fencing Tennis PhotoCOURTMASTER FABRIC FENCING
The ideal alternative to expensive chain-link fencing. Made of durable 1-3/4”
polyethylene netting (unbound), it’s perfect for private tennis courts because it’s aesthetically pleasing. Easy to attach to metal or wood poles. 10’H or 12’H x
any length. Green. 38 sq. ft/lb.

Privacy Screen PhotoPRIVACY SCREENS
Provide a visual barrier for building sites, factories, airports and residences. Simple and easy to install on chain link fences. Made of Green knitted
polyethylene film with a reinforced selvage edge.

44” x 150’. 25 lbs.

68” x 150’. 32 lbs.

92” x 150’. 53 lbs.

Construction Site Fencing PhotoCONSTRUCTION SITE FENCING
Lightweight, inexpensive fencing perfect for temporary use at construction sites. Made of woven polyethylene, hemmed and grommeted. Quick and easy installation.
68” x 150’ Black. 32 lbs.

Same as #1010 except 8” x 150’. 52 lbs.

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